Aluminum Ceilings

Aluminum Ceilings
The printing and manufacturing method of aluminum ceilings is the same as that of metallic sheets.
IWOWCHI, with unique patent manufacturing technology, directly prints digital images on the ceiling. We use aluminum alloy materials. After powder coating treatment, materials become endurable for use. The installation structure consists of exposed, recessed and hinted grid systems suitable for the application of ceilings at high floors, especially, ceilings at the lobbies and public construction projects.
The aluminum surface is punched and at the back, black non-woven fabric with good acoustic absorption gives us the good effect. Image design can incorporate with single floral design or wallpaper patching and attachment design. There is no need for net print pattern making; your favorite images or photos can be printed on the ceilings in full colors. In general, ceilings use calcium silicate boards or foam boards, and traditionally, only exposed grids with poor quality can be used.
IWOWCHI recommends you the aluminum boards for the use of hinted grids to present the artistic side of your ceilings. It is the most common type of ceilings that you see in European and American countries.
Scope of Application
Public spaces, national parks and scenic areas, stations, museums, parks (gardens), schools, display areas, commercial space landscaping and gardens, theme parks, and residential and office space landscaping.
Product Features
They are cost effective and have high flexibilities for applications.
Product Properties
Number Inspection Item Inspection Condition Performance Compliance with
1 Adhesion Chess Board Test 100/100 Passed CNS10757
2 Hardness Mitsubishi Pencil with Hardness Higher than F F CNS10757
3 Acid Resistance 10%HCLx23℃x24hrs Passed CNS10757
4 Alkaline Resistance 10%KOHx23℃x24hrs Passed CNS10757
5 Fire Resistance Flame Resistance Grade A Passed CNS7614
6 Weather Resistance Weather Resistance Test Machine (QUV) 10000hrs Average CMYK△E<9 ASTM G154-06