Core Value

Core Value
0101001001Strict Quality Management
IWOWCHI has put all its efforts to provide exceptional construction material services to its global customers and work with companies to establish long-term partnership and mutually beneficial relationship. IWOWCHI is devoted to sincerely serve various dimensions of companies. We strictly monitor the quality until the last step of the manufacturing process. We are looking for the excellent quality and innovative research and development. We provide the most precise colors as you need and continuously improve each detailed process to fully satisfy our customers.
In order to provide high quality products and services to customers, IWOWCHI strictly execute SGS quality accreditation for all construction materials in terms of acid, alkaline, and weather resistance to assure each product is monitored under the strict quality control. In addition to the strict quality police, IWOWCHI also introduces the electronic management system such as the ERP to completely conduct material management and process control and management.
0101001001Comprehensive Customized Services
IWOWCHI’s image construction materials can fit the scenario demands of clients, regardless of indoor or outdoor application. We are able to arrange and plan you the most comprehensive product mix and recommend you the optimal images and construction materials. Adjustments can be done according to your needs, too. We customize you the most suitable image construction materials that you demand for.
IWOWCHI’s services help you to break the limitations on traditional large image output and screen-printing. Service scopes are not restricted by material size and quantity. The maximum width is 320cm without connection. According to the dimension of your construction material, we can get rid of the limitation on size.
0101001001Exceptional Real Time and After-Sales Services
When IWOWCHI receives a call from its client via Email or Fax, we will reply or solve the real time problems that the client may have towards the front-end image to save the losses of the client.
IWOWCHI cares for the quality control and management of each production process as well as the inspection results after manufacturing to assure the achievement to the highest standards. Our mission is to provide full supports to solutions of customers and build the long-term partnership.
0101001001Professional Work (R&D) Team
IWOWCHI has the dedicated and powerful R&D team that has been continuously researching and developing the newest technology of image presentation. The team effectively delivers customized professional services with the constant pursue of quality policy.
0101001001Coordination and Planning of Image and Construction Material
IWOWCHI has recruited professional technicians and the art designers for images. We have more than ten years of manufacturing experiences. For both indoor and outdoor image presentation, IWOWCHI always gives you the most professional planning suggestion and technological services.