Melamine Boards

Melamine Boards
Introduction The printing and manufacturing method of Melamine Boards is close to that of metallic boards. General wooden material is not endurable outdoors.
Thus, we suggest it shall be used indoors. In addition to Melamine Boards, plywood and mid-density fiber sheets are also used. However, due to different levels of color attachment, colors may be changed. This needs to be paid attention to. In printing and manufacturing method, customers can choose with or without white coating to present two types of effects.
For surface treatment, IWOWCHI uses piano lustered coating to increase the surface luster. The products incorporate with cabinet doors to present the optimal visual effects and increase the overall value of your furniture.
Scope of Application
Public space, stations, airport terminal buildings, theaters, museums, art museums, MRT stations, banks, cultural centers, libraries, churches, schools, installation landscaping, commercial spaces, hotels, department stores, shopping malls, gyms, theme parks, entrances of buildings, boutique stores, restaurants, studios, night clubs, clubs, residential and home landscaping, and office landscaping.
Product Features
Our products are dirt resistant, anti-mildew and anti-bacteria with the easiness to clean. Using abrasion free detergent such as neutral or mild detergent to clean with soft cloth is recommended. However, the use of carborundum contained cleaning tools including scrubs and metallic brushes are prohibited. They are also weather and fade resistant in compliance with ASTM G154 inspection standards.
Product Properties
Number Inspection Item Inspection Condition Performance Compliance with
1 Adhesion Chess Board Test 100/100 Passed AAMA2605-05
2 Hardness Mitsubishi Pencil with Hardness Higher than F F CNS10757