Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles
Mosaic tiles are produced with the same method of general tiles, but they can incorporate with different material features for better expansion. In general, mosaic tiles are used for image connection and attachment, but due to the size of particles, the surface presentation is limited, in particular, viewed from near to middle distances. There have been no significant effects. IWOWCHI with unique patent manufacturing technology completely solves the visual difficulties caused by the particle size of mosaic products and presents you the optimal visual effects without the limitations of distances.
Scope of Application
Public space, stations, airport terminal buildings, theaters, museums, art museums, MRT stations, banks, cultural centers, libraries, churches, schools, installation landscaping, commercial spaces, hotels, department stores, shopping malls, gyms, theme parks, entrances of buildings, boutique stores, restaurants, studios, night clubs, clubs, residential and home landscaping, and office landscaping.
Product Features
Our products are suitable for the use of various types of tile and stone materials from tile, ceramic panels, quartz tiles, mosaic tiles or even stone panel with uneven surface. We provide you the most professional services on the creation of large images. There have been no limitations of the size.
The maximum dimension is up to 120cm x 240cm that can be extended to any size you would like to have.
They are water, acid and alkaline, and chemical resistant in compliance with CNS10757 and CNS3299 test standards while weather and fade resistance complies with ASTM G154 test standards.
After used indoor for 100 years and outdoor for 20 years, no color fading with naked eye can be easily identified. They are also dirt resistant, anti-mildew, and anti-bacteria with the easiness to clean. Using abrasion free detergent such as neutral or mild detergent to clean with soft cloth is recommended. However, the use of carborundum contained cleaning tools including scrubs and metallic brushes are prohibited.
Product Properties
Number Inspection Item Inspection Condition Performance Compliance with
1 Adhesion Chess Board Test 100/100 Passed  CNS10757
2 Hardness Mitsubishi Pencil with Hardness Higher than F F CNS10757
3 Water Resistance 40℃ x 240 hrs Passed CNS10757
4 Acid Resistance 10% HCL x 23℃ x 24 hrs Passed CNS3299
5 Alkaline Resistance 10%KOH x 23℃ x 24hrs Passed CNS3299
6 Pollution Resistance Iodine 13g/L Alcohol Solution 5 CNS14910
7 Fire Resistance Grade A Flame Resistance Grade A Flame Resistance CNS7614
8 Weather Resistance Weather Resistance Test Machine (QUV)5000hrs Average CMYK △E<5  ASTM G154-06
File Digital Image Glazing Tiles Weather Resistance Test Report
SGS Test Report
Digital Image Glazing Tiles Weather Resistance Test Report