Product Introduction

Product Introduction
0101001001Application and Creativity without Limitations
Customized services and manufacturing: When the construction materials mass-produced cannot satisfy you, IWOWCHI provides you the exclusive customized services and unique selections.
Material application without Limitations: Commonly used materials include wallpaper, aluminum sheets (plastic aluminum sheets), stainless steel sheets, enamel sheets, glass, ceramic, melamine boards, veneer, PC sheets, PVC, PET, PP, and so on. IWOWCHI’s most distinct feature is we use any materials for manufacturing. We welcome you to send your materials to be tested by us.
Environmental Application without Limitation: Environmental applications for both outdoor or indoor walls, floors, and ceilings are served with the optimal combination. IWOWCHI can assist your planning and evaluation.
Dimension without Limitations: The maximum is 320cm without connection. Connection can be done according to your request of construction material dimension. There have been no limitations on the dimension.