The solvent- free ink is used to print and manufacture on wallpaper with the flame resistance grade. Our products are not the commonly seen PVC in the market; they are assured with high quality, environmental friendliness, and safety suitable for the long-term use indoors and at homes. They are free from the detachment problems caused by PVC materials. During construction, we use the traditional paste or white glue as the adhesive agent. There is no need to add special coating process with the merit to save costs. We are able to incorporate with patented images or individual creation and digital technology to make you the exclusive and unique wallpaper.
Scope of Application
Public spaces, theaters, museums, art museums, banks, cultural center, libraries, commercial spaces, hotels, entrances of buildings, boutique stores, restaurants, studios, night clubs, clubs, residential and home landscaping, and office landscaping.
Product Features
The base material of wallpaper uses Grade 3 Flame Proof Materials (CNS 6532) with exceptional abilities to resist luster and ultraviolet.
Product Properties
Number Inspection Item Inspection Condition Performance Compliance with
1 Flame Resistance Flame Resistance Grade C Passed CNS 11491
2 Color Tightness of Carbon Resistance Arc Lamp Light > Grade D Passed CNS 3845
3 Color Tightness and Abrasion Resistance (Dry) 4 – 5 grade Passed CNS 1499
4 Color Tightness and Abrasion Resistance (wet) 4 – 5 grade Passed
5 Formaldehyde Released Ultraviolet- Visible Light Spectrophotometer Analysis Passed CNS 11491