Your Choice of IWOWCHI

Your Choice of IWOWCHI
IWOWCHI is able to provide the most exclusive and unique customized services and solutions that can get rid of all material limitations.

No matter if it is wallpaper, glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, tile, enamel sheet, fluorocarbon aluminum plate, plastic aluminum sheet, PC sheets, quartz brick, or brick ware, IWOWCHI is able to deliver your desirable products.

The most distinct feature of IWOWCHI is the image production on any materials. We welcome the provision of various types of material tests.

The professional team at IWOWCHI allows you to break through environmental limitations, regardless of indoor or outdoor application. IWOWCHI always gives you the optimal and most comprehensive product mix that best suits your demands for material requirement and evaluation.

The maximum width is 320cm without connection, stitching based on material dimensions, for unlimited finished sizes.

IWOWCHI pursues consistent service sincerity to provide customers the exceptional quality as well as the best services after sales. We are determined to give the best interpretation for all customized products.